Shelley Ann Lawrence has been a TV writer-producer, newspaper editor, realtor, on-camera reporter, assistant to an advertising icon, activist and documentary photographer. She lived in San Miguel de Allende between 2012 and 2014, where she fell in love with the colors and culture of this high-desert Mexican town, a favorite haunt of many expatriate writers and artists.

In late 2016, Shelley visited San Miguel for six weeks, this time with her trusty Leica camera in tow. What started out as a series of informal portraits of friends and acquaintances soon became the kernel out of which this book grew: The Dogs of San Miguel de Allende.

However, this project is more than just a book about the emotional connection between dogs and their guardian owners. Shelley soon made contact with dog rescuers in the area, and started a donation system whereby a portion of the proceeds of every book, poster, print and card sold under this banner would go directly to help the dogs of the area, and the people who are rescuing them.

At the end of Shelley's photographic journey, she stepped up and adopted a homeless terrier she named Milagro, Spanish for miracle. He now lives with her in southern California.